About Us Driven by Excellence

Who We Are

Driven by excellence we started our operations in the year 2007 with the goal of establishing ourselves in the field of Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation engineering, HR solutions and Life support solutions we have grown since to a successful organization with definite goals and objectives. Being one of the leading MEI contractors we focus on the following core values.

Innovation ‒ that makes a difference

Caring ‒ maintain respectful relations with customers, partners, suppliers, our employees and communities

Loyalty ‒ work collaboratively with our employees, partners, suppliers and customers to solve problems and achieve goals

Integrity ‒ exhibit honesty and integrity at all times

Commitment ‒ dedicated to the success of our customers, partners, our employees and shareholders

Knowledgeable ‒ be experts in our fields

Teamwork – all the members of organization together involve in the activities

Driven by the past serving U.S. Government, many oil & Gas installations and construction industry our expertise has entered a new era. We are navigating into the future with prestigious projects including Kuwait Governement, U.S. Government and the private sector. We are also are the emigrated company registered with Government of India for HR Solutions.

Why We

  • Integration is Key to Success

    Let’s us understand the building example. Most builders try their best to limit the different types of construction material that go into a frame.They know that with each addition of a different material, someone must ensure that the material will work with the other materials that make up the frame. A company’s “engineering framework” must take the same concept of picking materials that work well together; every time you add a new technology-based product or service, you have to make sure that it works with the other products/services you already rely on. This is where choosing a multi-service provider can give your business an advantage.
    Multi-service providers, make sure their products talk to one another for a seamless experience. They ensure their products can be easily integrated together so you can eliminate the setup, maintenance, wasted time, and errors that may arise from using different systems.
    Standalone service providers do not offer this convenience; instead, you must check their compatibility with all of your echnological products/services.
  • Consolidation means Cost Savings

    Back to our building analogy, a seasoned builder would maximize efficiency by ordering as much of their materials from one material vendor as possible in order to take advantage of economies of scale and price breaks.
    The same logic applies to the cost benefits of using multi-service providers. A good example of this is the way insurance companies bundle their plans; you can get a better deal by combining your auto and home insurance together with one provider than if you used two different providers. Likewise, you can get a better deal on your engineering services by getting them from the same provider.
  • Problem Attribution

    One of the biggest advantages of using one vendor for multiple services is problem attribution. The fewer companies you rely on for your engineering needs, the easier it will be to isolate the problem if you’re experiencing one. To put it simply, you’re less likely to wonder who’s product caused the problem and more likely to quickly pinpoint the issue and find a solution when you only have to work with one support team for all of your needs.


Together let’s build the future

At UTC, we believe in providing a total value package to our customers coupled with unmatched after sales service support. We strongly believe business sustain ability is achieved via true value maximization to our customers blended with dedication and safety of our employees for the achievement of highest customer satisfaction. We are extremely proud in what we do and the support from our partners help us fulfill our business vision. We have decided to take stronger steps toward future with the knowledge, experience, and prestige that we have achieved. We have now focused on branded MEI contracting, Human resources and Tourism to touch and impact lives of people, showcase more specific work with our experience, and to take one step forward in these sectors. This is an important and major change for our company and our vision.

We highly strive to give Health, Safety & Environment the utmost importance and place our company culturewhich is "quality" in the forefront.Knowing that our biggest capital is trust, we will continue to go beyond expectation to satisfy those who prefer us as a solution partner.

We will always add value to the human life with the desire to reach the best. I would like to thank our employees who have a role in contributing to the achievement of UTC with their efforts and our business partners, our customers who prefer our projects and enlarge the UTC Family. Making a business succeed is never an easy venture, but with the skill and determination to do it right, UTC may accomplish the goals and live the dreams, Best wishes to all our Employees, Partners and Clients. Together let’s build the future.

Our Team Philosophy

UTC is committed to provide quality services consistent with the highest professional standards, while continuing to grow as a profitable organization. In the final analysis, professional competence is our product, and the people who have that competence are our most valuable asset. Developing these people is our most compelling human resources task.

To meet this challenge, we have adopted the following human resources philosophy and goals:

  • To create a friendly, dynamic work environment under a team concept while maintaining professionalism.
  • Provide an enjoyable and rewarding environment for all individuals to learn, grow and develop to their fullest potential.
  • To develop all professionals to their fullest potential through the following:
    • Progressive Experience and Responsibilities Based on Ability
    • Performance Review Process
    • Continuing Professional Education
  • To maintain the perception that our firm consists of only the highest caliber individuals.
  • Encourage our staff to be involved in and contribute to the community and to professional activities and organizations.

Our firm wants all of our staff at every level to be able to experience the satisfaction that results from interesting work well done. Opportunities for career advancement, with gains in skill and experience, are an important part of our environment. In hiring personnel we look for qualified individuals with a record of achievement, high grade point averages and personalities that fit with the culture of our firm. We seek to hire professionals whose goals are to obtain certification and to seek a long-term career in public accounting

Certificates & Approvals

We are navigating into the future with prestigious projects including Kuwait Governement, U.S. Government and the private sector. We are also are the emigrated company registered with Government of India for HR Solutions.

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