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Universal Technical is the leading regional conglomerate of Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation activities.


Under the Mechanical ventures company operates under two headings

  • Complete Solutions for HVAC Systems

  • Complete Solutions for Mechanical Fabrication

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Universal Technical is the leading company in HVAC systems. We offer a wide range of solutions as per the client’s requirement.
Major types of HVAC system are Heating and Air Conditioning Split System Split systems are the most classic of the heating and air conditioning systems. These are the traditional types of HVAC system where you have components of the whole system that are both inside and outside the building. HVAC split systems will typically have:

  • An air conditioner that cools the refrigerant
  • Furnaces and a fan or evaporator coil to convert the refrigerant and circulate the air
  • Ducts that carry air all through your building
  • A control panel/thermostat to manage the system
  • The occasional optional accessories for quality indoor air such as air cleaners, purifiers, humidifiers, UV lamps and so on

Hybrid Heat Split System

The hybrid heat split system is an advanced version of the classic HVAC split system that has an improved energy efficacy. When included in these types of HVAC systems, a heat pump will allow the option of having an electrically fueled HVAC up and above the typical gas furnaces. An ideal hybrid heat split system that is cost effective will have:

  • An air conditioner that cools the refrigerant
  • Furnaces plus the evaporator coil for conversion of the refrigerant and circulation of air
  • The ducts to channel the air around your building
  • Your interface for adjusting and controlling the system
  • Optional accessories for more quality indoor air
  • Duct-Free Split Heating & Air Conditioning System

    A duct-free HVAC provides good installations for places and areas where the convectional systems with ducts can’t go. These systems are also ideally great compliments to existing ducted types of HVAC systems. Duct-free systems will have the following:

    • The heat pump or an air conditioner to heat\cool the refrigerant
    • A fan coil that is compact
    • Wires and tubing for the refrigerant, connecting the outdoor unit to the fan coil
    • The thermostat or control panel
    • Optional accessories to clean the air and make it more pleasant before its distribution through the house

    Packaged Heating & Air Conditioning System

    TA packaged HVAC system is the solution to those homes and offices without adequate spaces for all the separate multiple components of the split systems. Packaged heating and air conditioning systems will sort out confined spaces that range from entire homes to the one-roomed units, all in one package. Packaged HVAC systems will contain:

    • The air conditioner/heat pump together with the evaporator/fan coil in one unit
    • Thermostat/control interface for a complete control of the system
    • Optional air quality improvers. Things like the air purifiers, cleaners, ventilators or UV lamps, which gear towards making the air extra clean before it circulates your home or office

    MECHANICAL FABRICATION Pioneers in Mechanical Fabrication we use a number of sophisticated machines to carry out the process and the competent experts and workmanship available and all under the same roof.

    • 1. Cutting
      We are using the latest in the cutting technology which includes a plasma torches, water jets, and lasers. There is a wide range of complexity and price which can suit the need of clients.
    • 2. Folding
      Folding process is carried out with latest bending machines. The most common method is a press brake (or brake press). It has a set of dies that pinches the metal to form a crease.
    • 3. Machining
      This is the process of removing metal from a piece of material. Latest Lathe machines are used for carrying out the Machining operations.
    • 4. Punching
      . Punching is the act of a punch and a die forming a ‘scissor’ effect on a piece of metal to make a hole in it. Obviously, the punch and die must be the same shape and size of the desired hole. In some cases, the main piece of material is kept, as in when holes are added for fasteners.
    • 5. Shearing
      Shearing is the process of making a long cut on a piece of metal. It is, in effect, just like the action of one of those paper cutters with the long chop-handle. This is done on sheet metal.
    • 6. Stamping
      Stamping is very similar to punching, except the material is not cut. The die is shaped to make a raised portion of material rather than penetrating.
    • 7. Welding
      We have sophisticated types of welding machines including GMAW or Gas Metal Arc Welding, GTAW or Tungsten Inert Gas, Arc Welding or SMAW, Gas or Oxy Acetylene Welding And Cutting.


    • Maintenance of primary & secondary substations
    • Installations of lighting, grounding, cable pulling, cable tray and termination.
    • Earthing & Lighting System
    • Batteries & Chargers
    • Power Distribution
    • Fiber Optic cables
    • Cathodic Protection
    • Erections & Installations for 11/132/300 kV substations
    • Installation of Telecommunication and paging system
    • Installation and erection of transformer
    • Tesing & commissioning
    • Fire fighting Systems
    • Transmission Lines
    • Street Lightings


    Universal Technical is indulged in high quality work in the field of Electrical Installation, Maintenance and project Management backed by experienced electrical workmanship.

    ELECTRICAL (Housing Project)

    • Building Electrical System
    • Telephone & LAN outlet system including wiring & conduits
    • PVC & GI conduits
    • Distribution Panel & Boards
    • Electrical Switchgear & Lightings
    • Cable tray & Cabling
    • Install all voltage sense lead & load lead fuses


    • Process instrumentation (Pneumatic/Electronic/Digital)
    • Analyzers/PLC/DCS/CMS
    • Relay logic
    • Interlock schemes
    • Metering systems

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    The art and science of measurement and control of the process variables within a production or manufacturing area. The process variables used in industries are Level, Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Flow, pH, Force, Speed etc.

    • Instrumentation Calibration/Loop Checking.
    • Instrumentation Pre-Commissioning/Commissioning.
    • Safety Valve Calibration/Maintenance.
    • Control Valve Calibration/Maintenance.
    • Shut down Calibration/Maintenance.
    • Annual Maintenance Contract.
    • Hydro/Pneumatic testing of Instrument impulse Line.
    • Instrumentation Engineer/Technician man power supply.
    • Instrument and control maintenance
    • Hydraulic and pneumatic tubing
    • Custom tubing layout and installation
    • Calibration and bench testing services
    • System evaluation and testing
    • Distributed control system (DCS)
    • Programmable logic controllers (PLC)
    • Microprocessor-based system control
    • Instrument panel and rack fabrication
    • Startup and checkout assistance
    • Shutdown and outage work
    • Maintenances Planning